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Sales Inquiries - ePuffin.

ePuffin is now seeking sales associates to help develop new markets in the US.

You can own your own sales business. ePuffin takes all the hard work out of getting started! A starter kit is available that gets you up and running in no time. All inventory, shipping handling and other fulfillment logistics are taken care of by ePuffin -- all you have to do is sell! No special licenses or education required -- we will train you!

Gamucci manufactures a full line of electronic cigarette products and accessories, which contain no tar, no tobacco and produce no second-hand smoke.

PowerMatic II electric injector (aka rolling) machines are the best personal electric rolling machine in the business. Each unit comes with a 12-month manufacturer's warranty against defects and workmanship.

Three Lollies, the maker of PreggiePops and QueasyDrops, has launched Smoking Sucks lollipops helps reduce the urge to smoke. Hangover Sucks®is a candy-flavored hangover remedy.

All of these lines, plus ePuffin brand juice (liquid nicotine), electronic cigars and battery chargers are available for you to sell to retailers in your area.

Contact Us via email or phone (319.551.2825) for more information.

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