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    How to Disable pop-up blockers on your PC

    If you are using software that disables pop-up windows (like Yahoo! toolbar or Internet Explorer 6), you may need to disable this feature in order to run EZ-Metrix, since it uses uses pop-up windows to provide you with status information.

    Internet Exporer 6
    The version of IE 6 included in the Service Pack 2 version of Window XP has a built in pop-up blocker. To allow pop-ups for a particular site you need to add that site to a list:
    1. From the 'Tools' menu select 'Pop-up Blocker > Pop-up Blocker Settings...'
    2. In the 'Pop-up Blocker Settings' dialog box type the name of the site ( and click the Add button.
    More about the IE 6 pop-up blocker...

    Google Toolbar
    You can disable pop-up blocking for a particular site such as EZ-Metrix by simply clicking the pop-up blocker button on the Google toolbar.
    More about the Google pop-up blocker...

    Norton Internet Security
    To disable Norton's Pop-up blocking:
    1. Open Norton Internet Security.
    2. Double-click 'Ad Blocking'.
    3. Disable 'Turn on Pop-up Window Blocking'.
    4. Click 'OK'.
    5. Restart your computer.

    Other pop-up blockers
    These include: Netscape 7, the Yahoo Toolbar, and the MSN Toolbar. These follow a similar procedure to that for Internet Explorer 6 where you add the site ( to a list of trusted sites.

    Third Party Blockers
    Click on each icon in your System Tray located by the clock in the lower-right corner of your screen. Close or temporarily disable any programs that are installed to block popup windows. You will need to consult the documentation that came with the popup blocker program installed on your system as we are unable to advise how to disable every manufacturer's software product.
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