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Version History




  • (12/1/14)
  • Enhanced Comparison Algorithm: Implemented Levenshtein-Distance algorithm.
  • Enhanced Threshold Logic: Changed threshold value from the number of characters to the % of the line undergoing change (see User Guide for details).
  • Improved Comparison Measures: Bug fixes to comparison reports.
  • Faster: Comparison measures have been improved by an additional 33%.
  • Increased the number of supported languages to more than 80!
  •  4.1 (7/25/08)
  • Enhanced Comparison Report: Display detailed line counts for added and deleted files.
  • Improved Comparison Measures: More accurate changed and new line counts.
  • Faster: Processing time for comparison measures has been improved by up to 10%.
  • Overall website has cleaner look and feel.
  • 4.0 (2/2/08)
  • Improved Performance: Up to 9 times faster than prior versions!
  • Redesigned graphical user interface of entire application.
  • Predefined support for more than 75 programming languages.
  • Greater Control: Additional control over code counting rules.
  • Improved Precision: All measures more accurate.
  • Simplified free license registration process.
  •  3.01
  • Fixed defect in v3.0, related to 80-character length limitation for a multi-line comment delimiter.
  •  3.0
  • Increased the number of supported languages to more than 60!
  • Removed requirement to include a single line character delimiter in a rule definition.
  • Increased the maximum allowable length of a single line comment delimiter from 1 to 80 characters.
  • Increased the maximum allowable length of a multi-line comment delimiter from 2 to 80 characters.
  • Fixed defects in counting engine associated with blank lines embedded in multi-line comments.
  • Ignore white space (tab, space) in blank line.
  •  2.08
  • Fixed various minor defects in counting engine.
  •  1.1
  • Added the ability to measure files in nested subdirectories.
  •  1.0
  • Initial public release.